Advantages of Switching to LED Headlights


LED headlights are becoming increasingly popular today. If you haven’t really looked into them and their benefits, it’s time to start. This innovation has been offering motorists a lot of advantages compared to their halogen counterparts.

So how exactly are LED headlights more advantageous?

More Efficient

The best led headlights are more efficient than halogen bulbs by as much as 90%, considering up to 80% of their energy can be directly used to produce light as opposed to halogen bulbs’ 20%.  That means your car alternator will have less work to do, and your fuel consumption to produce the same results will be much less.


If you’ve always driven with regular halogen headlights, you know that your field of vision is limited by the range of light produced. A standard halogen bulb illuminates but a few feet in front of the vehicle, and peripheral lighting is almost useless. LED headlights give you brighter and better light, allowing you to drive more safely and confidently at night.

Longer Lasting

The best headlight bulbs do not have a lot of moving parts to function properly. In fact, they are made of a single unit or diode that converts electric energy to light energy. In contrast, halogen lights will have bulb, filament, charge and possibly other parts. The more parts required to work for the whole unit to be functional, the more likely problems will occur when something goes wrong with any of those parts. LED headlights last decades as opposed to standard halogen bulbs’ 5,000 motoring hours.

Easier to Install

Many motorists find installing traditional headlights very challenging.  With LED headlights, the opposite is true.  Every kit comes with complete and easy-to follow instructions, and there are even tons of tutorials on YouTube that can really come in handy. Of course, you can always take your kit to a mechanic, but if you’re someone who’s more comfortable doing things yourself, you can install your LED headlights on your own, and you don’t even need any specific knowledge or tools to do that.

There can be a million unique reasons for switching to headlights, but at the end of the day, you know you’ll be able to save money and drive safely with them. If both are important to you, then LED headlights are definitely a fit, not only technically but even aesthetically.  Finally, although most cars still come with halogen lights, this pattern is slowly changing as LEDs have become a lot cheaper. Learn about headlights at


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